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Cotton set (blanket+pillow) 080 Sophie 4-sizes

21,01 EUR

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Double layer cotton blanket with pillow decorated with pompons, perfect for both the boy and the girl. Made of two layers of the highest quality Polish cotton.  The material is characterized by its softness and delicacy as well as extraordinary endurance.
Elegant blanket and pillow for baby set are pleasant to the touch, so they don't irritate the baby's delicate skin and provide air exchange - they can be used from the first days of life.
Available in several sizes:
blanket 80x90 + pillow 28x34 (flat)
blanket 100x140 + pillow 28x34 (flat)
blanket 120x160 + pillow 38x38 (high)
blanket 160x200 + pillow 38x38 (high)