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Baby sleep nest BaBalu 070 rocking horses

Baby sleep nest BaBalu 070 rocking horses
Baby sleep nest BaBalu 070 rocking horsesBaby sleep nest BaBalu 070 rocking horses

25,06 EUR

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Baby sleep nest's functionality is reminiscent of a baby sleeping bag - it cover the baby and limits the space, so that the baby feels safer and more secure, like in the mommy's tummy. It can be used in a trolley, bed, on the sofa or carpet. You can take it to visit friends, shorter trips or longer journeys. Baby sleep nest is also an ideal solutions for parents who are planning to sleep with their baby - the baby is safe and parents are calmer that their baby does not roll out of bed or fall under the bedding. Baby sleep nest is a great alternative to the sleeping bag - dedicated to the youngest kids from 0 to 6 months. Later, it can be used as a mat for scrolling, fun or lying! Baby sleep nest is soft, it has not hard elements. Its edges can be adjusted using a cotton twine. Made of 100% cotton fabric, the interior is filled with hypoallergenic polyester nonwoven fabric. Nest is double layered, you can change the color scheme.
Nest's size: 70/40 cm, spread: 80/110 cm.
Note:  the baby sleep nest serves as a sunbed - it must not be used as a carrier, you must not carry a baby in it.

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